"Vegas Made" Nevada/Strip skyline vinyl decal

"Vegas Made" Nevada/Strip skyline vinyl decal

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Size: Around 3"x5" vinyl design

Custom Skyline (including The Crossing Christian Church) and a heart over Vegas, but can be customized to have a heart in Reno as well! 

There are different color and shimmer vinyl options! Will last anywhere from 1-3 years on your car depending on weather. And is also a great option for your hydro, laptop, notebook, or any hard smooth surface. 

Instructions for application:

  1. Make sure the transfer tape is securely stuck to the vinyl decal by rubbing it with a credit card to ensure proper peeling.
  2. Clean the surface you would like the vinyl to stick to with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Peel the clear cover that is the transfer tape slowly off the vinyl backing making sure to keep the vinyl cutout on the transfer tape. 
  4. If a part of the design doesn't come up with the transfer tape put it back and continue to rub the transfer tape onto the design with your credit card. 
  5. Once the design is off of it's paper backing position it where desired and start from the middle and slowly letting it down onto the surface outward. 
  6. Rub with credit card while transfer tape is still attached to seal to the surface. 
  7. Peel off transfer tape at a 45 degree angle slowly.
  8. Enjoy your design!